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'Timekeepers' Podcast Hosted by Podbean

My young adult time travel adventure 'Timekeepers' is now hosted on podcast site Podbean. The first episodes may be a bit wooly as I get to grips with this broadcasting lark but I'm fairly confident the rest will quickly improve. It's an exciting story with some unique characters and a likeable hero in Jack, so if you'd care to tune in regularly I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Your support will be much appreciated. Link below: utm_campaign=u_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=u_share

Dacorum Radio Interview on Leslie Tate's Show - The Full Broadcast

A couple of weeks ago writer and broadcaster Leslie Tate graciously asked if I'd appear on his evening Dacorum Radio show in a double bill with the excellent Portuguese actress Marta Carvalho who was great company and obviously much more interesting than myself. I had a great time chatting with Leslie, and Marta, about writing, inspiration (or lack of), ideas and the process of creating a story, or at least the way I do it. I chose four favourite music tracks, designed to illustrate the lost art of tale-telling arcs in rock lyrics, but due to my rabbiting on only two of them got played; Procol Harum and XTC.
Dacorum Radio's link to the interview is below, please have a listen: