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New 'Mind-Spinning Tale of Dual Realities' Novel The Transference Now Available

My new speculative fiction novel 'The Transference' is now available for download on Amazon Kindle. This tale has had a total first character re-write and I am now happy to publish it for the world (or at least the few who follow this blog) to judge. It's a strange tale of false memory and obsession set in the English town of Capistrano, which may well hold more than one 'reality' within its ancient walls. Below is the synopsis; a click on the post will bring you to the sales site. Thanks, Dave. ‘Tell us what you saw Joe, tell us everything. We’ve been waiting twenty long years for this!’ Shy orphan Joe Bryant’s best friend James sets him up with a job at a long-established scientific research and development company in his hometown of Capistrano. Despite Joe’s lack of the basic knowledge required for the position, Trans-Port Incorporated's boss, Professor William Carver, appears only too welcoming. The catch soon appears; Joe is pressurized into being

The Meteorite: Is Duncan Crawley slowly turning into an alien?

My new novella, 'The Meteorite', is now available for download on Amazon Kindle. It's basically the study of a breakdown dressed in the clothes of science fiction fantasy. Here's a fuller description: Duncan Crawley cuts his foot on a small rock whilst playing with his children at the beach. When he examines the cut later however there is little sign of damage, just a purple circle. When his wife Jen rubs it that night after he complains of cramp Duncan has a strange out of body experience; for a moment he literally sees himself through Jen’s eyes. Their relationship has become strained of late. The high-flying Jen is pressuring Duncan to ask his bullying boss Goddard for a raise but, despite Jen’s insistence he 'stand up for himself', Duncan’s timid character makes him refrain. Nevertheless, whilst in a meeting with Goddard he works up the courage to ask. In the midst of Goddard’s sarcastic reply Duncan has a frightening hallucination of the other